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Paramont studio animacji whiteboard
Paramont studio animacji whiteboard
Paramont studio animacji whiteboard



We’ll draw your company’s success!


Whiteboard animation and explainer video -  explains the unexplainable and stimulates the imagination.


Simple illustrations and a white background are enough to grab the attention and hearts of your audience. Our whiteboards and explainers will stick in the memory, and viewers will watch them as enthusiastically as the illustrations in their favourite childhood books. Since 2010, we have specialised in producing audiovisual materials - promotional, documentary, educational and training films. As a whiteboard studio we create animation using the unique Drawing Hand. We have knowledge and experience. We are constantly seeking new ideas and satisfying the needs of our clients. We have worked with large and small ones from various industries and sectors: Ministry of the Economy, Adobe, Educational Research Institute, Toyota, Warsaw Institute for Economic Studies, BSP, Atende and Great Place To Work.


Whiteboard studio Warsaw.
Doodle video, videoscribe or explainer video.



"The animation made by Paramont was very well received at the conference our company organised for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, on “The New Reality of PPP."


KDK Events

"Paramont prepared two very good animations for us, both visually and in terms of content, in express mode, which we intend to show at our conference in Brussels."



Be Communications

"The services were provided with the appropriate care, professionalism and thoroughness, which was highly significant for the success of our business."



QRKA Entertainment 

Paramont - Whiteboard animation and explainer video


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